Failure to Launch a Brewery

So you’ve been brewing beer for a few years and love sharing your brews with your family, friends, neighbors, and plumber? You figure, why not share my hard work with the rest of the world, and make money while working my dream job? Many others have had the same idea. A lot of the craft breweries that you know and love today, started with a passion for home brewing. You may be familiar with some of the larger success stories (Sam Adams or Dogfish Head) but you never hear about the breweries that failed to succeed. This is my (much shortened) story of failing to launch a brewery in Toledo, OH in 2014.

Scratching the Itch to Start a Pro Brewery

Marriage is a beautiful thing isn’t it? Not when it takes you 16 hours to reach a small island off the coast of Belize. That’s where the planning of my brewery began. I had a jet lagged wife, and a lot of spare time. Besides the 2 planes, 2 taxis, and 2 ferries it took to get to this island, the wedding was pretty exhausting too. Did I mention this was my honeymoon? While my wife napped, I was curiously looking at the prices of commercial brewing systems to see it was feasible to build a brewery. They ranged from 1-7 bbl’s (barrels) and cost $10k-$90k depending on the design, aesthetics, and degree of automation. If you’re unfamiliar, 1bbl is 31 gallons. It only took a couple days for me to convince myself that I needed to open a small brewery. Besides worrying about the cost, I was also wondering where I would put all of this equipment.

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Beer for Dogs?

When Megan and Steve Long’s Rottweiler mix, Rocky, started having digestion problems, the couple needed a way to help him keep his food down.

Megan scoured the internet looking for remedies, but none seemed to do the trick.

“I’m not a crazy dog lady. I just really wanted to prolong my boy’s life,” she said.

Then she stumbled up a solution she could brew: “Beer” for dogs – a nonalcoholic beverage packed with healthy ingredients for pooches. Fast forward almost a year, and Good Boy Dog Beer company sells three different beers throughout Houston in more than 20 dog-friendly restaurants and bars.

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Prague: a Jewel in the Crown of Beer Culture

Written by Franz Hofer for A Tempest in a Tankard

Prague is justly famous for its Old Town Square, its Castle District dominated by St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Charles Bridge, majestic despite the throngs of tourists. Beyond that, Prague is famous for the Defenestration of Prague. (Defenestration: now there’s a fine word for you.) Legend has it that the ignominiously defenestrated Catholic Lords Regent survived the 21-meter fall by landing in a dung heap.

Prague is also famous for its beer.

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The Little Beer That Could

Just how many curveballs can you throw at a brew and still make an award winning beer? Today we find out as we talk with IGOR Eric Pierce and explore all the craziness around his 2018 Sam Adams Longshot winning Grisette. Sit back and learn how a beer can come together!

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Episode 76 – Having an Old Night Cap

So much stuff in this episode! One of our own wins big! Water! Hop Contest (Challenge us!) Australia! News! Lab Experiment! And listener Ralph Rice sent us his Altbier made with Mecca Grade Malts, so we sat down, tasted it and asked him questions! So sit back, grab a night cap and let’s go!

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How “Dry Hop Creep” Causes Diacetyl In Beer and How Brewers Can Minimize The Risk

Steve 'Hendo' Henderson

Have you ever wondered why your perfectly good, diacetyl free IPA left your brewery in a good state only to find that it picked up diacetyl some time later?

In this article, I’m going to break down what may be happening in your beer.

Each month, Rockstar Brewer Academy members get together online for our Mastermind webinar where we discuss pertinent topics of the day.  They’re pretty awesome!

In August 2018, we discussed “Dry Hop Creep”, a phenomenon brought to my attention during Brewcon 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

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Beer in Prague: A List to Get You Started

Written by Franz Hofer for A Tempest in a Tankard

Prague. Beer. Two words that go well together.

Welcome to my series on Prague. In contrast to other series I’ve compiled or other city/regional spotlights I’ve written, I’m going to start at the end, as it were, with a rough-and-ready list of beers that you can find in Prague. The next post will feature a list of highlights, including what to see, where to find the beers mentioned below, and where to find the best tavern experiences. For those readers unaccustomed to seeing Tempest posts that amount to lists and bullet points, fear not. I’ve got a nice, long narrative “guide” to Prague ready to go.

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