Ye Olde Scribe’s Pub Waddle

“A bit more clumsy than a pub CRAWL.”

Written by Ye Olde Scribe

(Note: I pasted this first beer-related submission for Scribe as is, as he requested when he called: no editing. Oh, and the wisecracks are his and his alone.-Ken Carman)

Back in the STONED age, Ye Olde Scribe; who prefers beer, wrote a column called Hop-ing Around. Ah, kiddies, let Great, Great Grandpa Scribe tell you about a time when brewing dinos like Market Street in Nashville, Santa Rosa in Fort Walton Beach and Hosters in Columbus had yet to sink in the primordial ooze that is the history of beer making. One might refer to it as the La Brea Brew Pits. The competition to have your homebrew become part of the Longshot line of beers brewed by Sammy MaGilicuddy Adams; distant cousin to Ma Barker of the Ms. Barker Pump Em’ Full of Lead Brewpub, was in it’s first incarnation and then died.
(Note. Sam’s middle name is NOT “Magilicuddy,” and in no way is related to Ma Barker, or even Ms Me-ow-er. She never ran a brewpub. YOS just made that all up.)
But like Longshot, Scribe has gone Phoenix because one of the king-like editors at this digital rag kept ASH-king. This friend, who visits Scribe in his bunker somewhere in the New England area… or not… when he’s working up here, asked Scribe to write about beer again. So, OCCASIONALLY, Scribe will do short previews of pubs and such that most likely will be reviewed in Brew Biz in the future, or some other related to this blog blather.



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