Ye Olde Scribe Presents: Anatomy of a REALLY Bad Beer

“Liquid barf in a bottle!”

Barrelhouse Red Leggs Ale: An All American Deep Red Ale

Damn those infernal Commie Red Ales. If this bottle were truly representative of the best Americans can do we’d be speaking Russian, Scribe doesn’t do other languages well. Someone would have to LENIN him a hand.

But he doesn’t blame the brewer…
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Music City Brewers Wrap Up from Tom Vista

Hello Fellow Home Brewers,

The 14th Annual Music City Brew Off – ‘ New Face, New Place’ has concluded and a great number of firsts for our annual event. Our first ever hotel event went off with great success and want to thank our special guest John Palmer, all the volunteer judges, stewards and staff, all the regional clubs who came for the club crawl and especially our very generous sponsors who made our raffle the best yet. We had a record number of entries this year at 401 including 7 HopGod Challenge Entries, up 155 over last year. We judged 45 Flights and awarded 28 1-3 in 24 BJCP Categories and awarded as follows:

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