What NOT To Do After Drinking Beer

Brit in death plunge after beer festival

A British reveler died after plunging from a hotel window following a day’s heavy boozing at a German beer festival.

Police believe he had stepped on to a sixth-floor window ledge to go to the toilet and lost his balance.The 25-year-old victim, a shipbuilder from Plymouth, was part of a group of British workmates visiting the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Police – who would identify him only as Richard O for legal reasons – said he died instantly.

Spokesman Christoph Reichenbach said: “The man returned to the hotel alone at around 4am on Sunday. All the indications are that he was very drunk.

“We believe he lost his way as he was trying to find his way back to his room. In order to relieve himself he’d opened a window and climbed on to the ledge.”

Police say his trousers had been undone when he plunged but were torn off by the speed of the fall.


Past Tense Pub Profile

courtesy mytravelguide.com
courtesy mytravelguide.com

Written by Ken Carman

Market Street, also known as Bohannon Brewery, was the first brewpub to open in Nashville, TN. Back when we moved to Nashville lower Broadway was a place you avoided at all costs. Until they cleaned it up the best places were the honky tonks and they were very, very bad. Oh, and the Pickin Parlor, probably one of the best guitar repair shops I’ve ever been to. That was on Second, also known as Market Street.

Cross the street and walk a few steps north and Market Street’s sign could be seen, close to The Spaghetti Factory, which I presume was the birth place of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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