TapHunter Presents the Best of Wintertime Beer

Just like the story, The Lost Abbey “Gift of the Magi” winter release beer is a holiday treat. (Courtesy photo)

By Jeff Gordon at TapHunter.com

Start a fire in the fireplace. Put on your snuggie. Cuddle up with a loved one. Thatís right, itís winter time here in San Diego. Brrrrrrrrrrr. Need some beer recommendations to combat that chilly 50 degree cold? Youíve come to the right place. Weíve picked out a few just for you. The following winter release beers are the strong, sometimes dark, cure for the wintertime blues.

Local Selections (Local to the West Coast/San Diego area- Prof. GA)

Alesmith Yulesmith- An American Red Ale loaded with hops and caramel malt.

Karl Strauss To The 9ís- An Imperial IPA packed with pine and citrus flavors.

Lost Abbey The Gift of the Magi- A Belgian Strong Pale Ale brewed with frankincense & myrrh.

Port Santaís Little Helper – A black, thick Russian Imperial Stout.

Stone Double Bastard Ale – A big aggressive American Strong Ale.

The Bruery Two Turtle Doves – A Belgian Strong Dark Ale brewed with cocoa nibs & toasted pecans.

Not So Local Selections

(To the San Diego area- Prof. GA)

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