Full Sail Brewing Wassail

Written by Peter Genovese for The Star-Ledger

The label on Full Sail’s Wassail says it’s “concocted by our massive brewforce of 47.”

Like that part.

The label describes it as “a ridiculously tasty winter ale.”

Not so fast.

This winter warmer (7% ABV) from the Hood River, Ore.-based “specialists in the liquid refreshment arts since 1987” pours a deep coppery brown.
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Ye Old Scribe’s Where’s the Seasonal Beer Report

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Dexter, Michigan

Can you say, “head?” When poured there was little beer: foam coats the glass and hangs, hangs, hangs on. In the glass: all pillow head. Mrs. Scribe was mad when Scribe looked at all that head with envy and said, “If only….” Malt and alcohol nose. Sour. Is this supposed to be Flemish? Mahogany brown,

Dark malts and alcohol coat the mouth. Not as much carbonation in the mouthfeel.

From their site:

“Noel de Calabaza – Deep mahogany and malty, layered hops, figs, raisins, sugar plums, cashews betwixt rum laden truffles.”

If this were an attempt at Belgian, as some claim, it should be on da bloody bottle! Mention that. Skip the hop BS. If there had been a hint of this on the bottle Scribe may have reconsidered. But not much.

There has to be some black patent in here and maybe some brown malt. If that sour sense is the hops, change the damn hops! Bottle label says “multi-layered hops.” What %$#@! hops?

If ya wanna pucker then sucker this one down. But as far as being “Christmas,” “seasonal,” or all that interesting?

Bah humbug.

Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Brewery to Celebrate with Four Collaborations

Ken Carman, for professorgoodales.org

2010 is the 30th anniversary of Sierra Nevada in Chico, California, and they will mark this anniversary all year long by celebrating the new wave of brewing that started even before Sierra was founded.nation. Sierra Nevada joins other new and better brew pioneers to benefit select charities. Obviously beer drinkers across the country will also benefit and, obviously, celebrate.

Here’s a list of the first four…

Beer #1: Fritz and Kens Ale. A collaboration with Fritz Maytag
Beer #2 Jack and Kens Ale. A collaboration with Jack McAuliffe from New Albion Brewing.
Beer #3: Charlie Fred and Kens Ale. A Collaboration with Fred Eckhardt and Charlie Papazian.
Beer #4: Sierra Nevada Brewers Reserve Ale.

The first four beers planned for this series of collaborative projects with Americas craft-brewing pioneers: Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing.

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