Club Update: Escambia Bay Homebrewers

#1 Spring BrewBQ
Is anyone interested in hosting the spring cookout this year? Let me know ASAP.

#2 Shirts
Is anyone interested in purchasing a shirt with the club logo on it? We can get 3 different styles
1) Screen printed Tshirt- cost about $15???????
2) Embroidered Tshirt- the last ones we did cost members $16
3) Embroidered Shirt with collar- the ones a few of us still have cost $35

If you are interested let me know ASAP.


The next General Club meeting will be at Brews Brothers 4:00pm on Sunday February 21st. Brews Brothers is under new management and John (new owner) seems like he wants us to have more meetings/functions there. We’ll see how things go.

Rick and Carol Monroe are hosting a Baby Beer Shower for Mike and Amy Helf on Saturday February 6th. RSVP ASAP if you plan to attend (RSVP me Rick & Carol!!!). I’m not sure how these Baby Beer Showers work but I’m sure there’s beer and food involved. Bring beer and something for a baby? See Carol’s email to all you club members from January 25th

Pat Johnson
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