From the Bottle Collection and From the Brew Biz Archives

Without intent, I have collected well over 1,000 beer bottles since the early 70s. When something finally had to be done about the cheap paneling in this old modular, I had a choice. Tear down the walls while, oh, so carefully, replacing the often rotted 1X3s. Or: cover them with… The Bottle Collection.

Written by Ken Carman

The growler you see above is from a brewpub that went dark: and I don’t mean “dark beer,” and then reopened as “Blue Canoe.” I haven’t been back and I’ve been told there’s a new brewer who is still getting use to the concept of brewing.

Yes there is a smudge in the growler I couldn’t get out. I bought it as a collector’s item so, like a lot of my growlers, it has never had beer in it.

Below you will find a review I did, I believe it was in the 2006 Fall edition of the Score; a publication of The Music City Brewers .

Brew Biz: Werts and All

by Ken Carman

Four Sons Brewery
113 S. Franklin Street
Titusville, PA 16354

Brewer: Doug Caldwell

Titusville Lager
Plissken Lager
Heavy K (Wee Heavy)
Rebecca’s Revenge (Schwartzbier)

Other beers sampled that day…

(peat) Rye PA, smoked Amber (YUM!), Oat Coffee Stout

Where the hell is Titusville, PA?
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