How Beer Laws and Legislation Effect Real People

Every state has weird alcohol and beer laws, a lot of them pushed and supported by big brewers and other large alcohol concerns as a way to get the government on their side: squashing the little guy. In some states 22oz bottles aren’t allowed. Other states a brewpub must be in a historic building: often in a poorly kept downtown with horrible parking/access. Beer styles are limited because only lower abv beer is allowed: despite the fact that hard liquor is readily available. In Florida you can’t sell and fill growlers. The object of a growler is get it filled and take it home: cutting down on drinking and driving; something you would think a state would like to promote.

The following letter is all too real. It is part of a campaign to allow growlers in Florida. We can only hope that change really is coming.

“To the Honorable Mike Horner:”

“Thank you for your consideration of sponsoring a companion bill to Senate Bill 2062. I am a retired police officer and small business owner. Your support of this legislation, including allowing my brewpub to sell for off-premise consumption is crucial to helping my business survive the ongoing economic down turn, and continuing to support my family and community.”

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