Brooks on Beer: Out like a Lambic

Barrels of lambic beer at Brewery Hanssen

Jay R. Brooks for the Bay Area News Group

(This is a general introduction to Lambics, as a style. For more in-depth, please read Tom Becham’s recent article for Professor Good Ales- Prof. GA)

March may have come in like a lion, but with any luck, it will go out like a lambic. Lambics are an unusual style of beer brewed exclusively in Belgium. This almost winelike beer is unlike any other kind of beer in the world — and they’re perfect for the unpredictable weather of April, which is cool and breezy one moment and blisteringly hot the next.

But lambics are not easy-drinking beers and they can be a challenge to most palates. Many people drink them for the first time and think they’ve gone bad. They are often sour and can smell like a barnyard. But they are also some of the most complex and interesting beers being made today. Taking the time to understand and appreciate them may not be easy, but will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. They’re just that good.
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