Strange Beers

(Chili beers? Not so odd these days. But some of the others? Yes: weird- Prof. GA)
This is perhaps a very bizarre beer and one that I might never understand. This is actually a non-alcoholic beer that is made for dogs. It is a combination of beef extract and malt, which means that it is safe for human consumption but probably not recommended. The bigger problem for this Norwegian beer is that your dog might be drinking better than you because these beers are three times the cost of a Heineken.

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Craft Beer Finally Getting Its Own Week in Atlanta

Atlanta reaches the future, beer-wise, before this great take on Atlanta from an episode of Futurama!

 Written by Bob Townsend for

San Francisco, Philadelphia and Chicago have been doing it for years. Now Atlanta joins the ranks of major American cities honoring craft beer with a week of celebrations.

Atlanta Beer Week runs May 16-22, with beer bars, beverage stores, restaurants, brewpubs and breweries in Atlanta and Athens holding dinners, special tastings and educational seminars.

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