Anchors Away

New owners Keith Greggor, far left and Tony Foglio with Fritz Maytag at Anchor Brewing Co. in San Francisco. (Gene X. Hwang/Orange Photography)

Written by Greg Kitsock for The Washington Post

Two weeks ago, the beer world was jolted by the announcement that Fritz Maytag had sold the Anchor Brewing Co., in San Francisco to the Griffin Group, an investment and consulting company best known for growing Skyy Vodka into a multibillion-dollar brand.

Normally, buyouts and mergers in the beer business are nothing to jump up and down about. In January, Long Trail Brewing Co. in Bridgewater, Vt., acquired rival Otter Creek Brewing Co., 40 miles up the road. In March, Ken Allen of Anderson Valley Brewing Co. in Boonville, Calif. announced he was selling his business to Trey White, a former executive with United States Beverage Co.

As of this writing, Pabst Brewing Co. is still on the sale block, in case you’re shopping around for a unique birthday or graduation gift.
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