Vote now: BeerCity USA 2010 – What’s your pick?

Written by Charlie Papazian for The Examiner

It’s time to vote again for your favorite “BeerCity USA.”  Last year’s poll saw over 15,000 votes cast.  Portland, Oregon and Asheville, NC were announced as winners in a statistical tie for first place.

Since the winners were announced in May 2009, craft beer and American beer culture has skyrocketed.  Beer fests and city-wide beer weeks emerge throughout the country.  There’s pride existing in local communities for their breweries,  their beers and better beer bars, restaurants and pubs.  Even to my astonishment I’ve noticed an increase in beer culture in cities that were long beer “dead zones.”  America has awakened to better beer and their communities.

It matters in the USA unlike any other country in the world.  That’s why we have great beer here in the USA.  I think the whole idea of caring where your beer comes from, how and why it is made are not only good things, but essential for maintaining continued beer choice in the USA.  There are forces out there that want to limit your choice.  When we as beer drinkers stop recognizing and responsibly celebrating the beer choices we have, we may lose it.

The times are changing and beer drinkers have ramped up their responsible celebrations and their access to choice and diversity.

Once again the unscientific online poll for 2010 BeerCity USA can’t really measure the value of beer culture in America.  But it’s fun to applause.

BeerCity USA 2010 is a chance for local beer communities to express their enthusiasm and support for their local breweries and local better beer bars, restaurants, stores and distributors.  Let’s have some fun. Continue reading “Vote now: BeerCity USA 2010 – What’s your pick?”

Louisiana Homebrewers Work for Legalization


Written by Stan Hieronymus for

Now that Oklahoma has legalized homebrewing the attention turns to Louisiana. The American Homebrewers Association is working with a group of homebrewers in Louisiana to legalize the serving of home brew in licensed establishments for homebrew events.

Here’s the call to action:

House Bill 1484, which is an improved substitute for a previously filed homebrew bill, if passed would create a free three-day permit, allowing the possession, serving and consumption of homemade beer, mead and other fermented beverages at businesses licensed for on premises consumption of alcohol. This will allow homebrew clubs to legally have club meetings, competitions and other organized events at bars, restaurants and other licensed establishments.

HB1484 was passed favorably from the House Judiciary Committee on May 13th and will be debated on the House floor soon. We request that you contact your Representative’s office today to ensure that HB1484 is passed by the House and is sent to the Senate for consideration.

Call Your Representative Today!
Click here to find contact information for your Representative.

During business hours, calls to the Representative’s receptionist are the most productive means of communication. The calls will be quick and easy. Your message should at least relate these points, phrased in your own words:

* Please pass HB1484 through the House when it comes up for debate.

* Louisiana homebrewers are solely seeking to gain legalization of serving homebrewed beer in licensed establishments for homebrew club meetings, competitions and events, which will help us share and improve our craft, so please help us in this effort.

It is up to Louisiana’s beer and brewing community to help the homebrew bill move through the legislative process. Please commit to making these communications, and forward this message on to anyone you think would be interested in supporting this cause. Without paid lobbyists, showing strong popular support is the only mechanism that will move this bill forward.

Thank you for your support of Louisiana’s homebrewers!