Escambia Bay Brewers: From Pensacola Magazine

“…an article from the current “Pensacola Magazine” publication on our Homebrew Club. There are a few(?) miss-quotes/mistakes buy it was a pretty good article overall.”

-Pat Johnson

Written by Emily Lullo

After a long day of work stretches into the evening, you yearn to rest your aching body and quench your thirst for both a refreshing beverage and some much-deserved relaxation. You’re probably tempted to stop by a local pub or to grab a six pack of your favorite brew on your drive home. That icy, bubbly beer of choice tastes like heaven—a refreshingly chilled delight to your palate, and the perfect accompaniment to anything from a pepperoni pizza to a perfectly grilled steak.

If you’re a member of one of Pensacola’s coolest clubs—the Escambia Bay Homebrewers Association—then that trip to the pub or store won’t be necessary to partake in the hallowed tradition of an ice cold brew at the end of the day.
The club was formed in the spring of 1985, with the mission to share the art of making quality beer and wine with the community, and also to engender an appreciation of fine microbrewed and imported beers.
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