Women Arrested in Brewer Advertising Scandal

* FIFA starts legal proceedings against beer company
* British TV pundit sacked for part in ambush stunt

Written by Mike Collett for Yahoo Sports

JOHANNESBURG, June 16 (Reuters) – Two Dutch women have been arrested and are due to appear in court in Johannesburg later on Wednesday, facing possible charges linked to a suspected ambush market campaign by brewer Bavaria at a World Cup tie.
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One Bitchin Beer Blog

We welcome our newest writer here at Professor Good Ales…

Written by Mike Brunsfeld, THE Beer Guy

I have come to conclusion that Jim Koch SUCKS.

OK, hops are to beer like wine is to grapes? Uh, no and HELL NO. I was willing to forgive that one stupid slogan that ignores the loooooooooooooong history of brewing, like amongst the Scots, the English and the Welsh, without hops but now he claims…

“Some people think head on a beer is a ‘bad’ thing.”

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