Independent Small Hop Growers and Processors Still Growing Their Farms

Oregon Congressman and co-chair of House Small Brewers Caucus
with the Widmer brothers during a visit to their Portland brewery.
Photo courtesy House Small Brewers Caucus

Written by Charlie Papazian for

This story started out with link sent to me from House Small Brewers Caucus co-chairman Congressman Peter DeFazio’s Legislative Aide, Ed Hill. “Indie Hops puts new plant to work with a tip toward craft brewers.”  A story special to The Oregonian.

It’s a short piece published in late April about a new hop pelletizing plant in Hubbard, Oregon. Hop pelletizing grinds, compresses and extrudes dried hops into pellets, resembling rabbit food. During the high volume methods of pelletizing temperatures can reach 140 to 150 degrees F. Heat damages the delicate aroma and flavor qualities of hops. Jim Solberg, CEO of Indie Hops, hop growers and processor claims that the lower temperature process will help preserve more of the flavors and aromas craft brewers are seeking.  Founded in 2008, Indie Hops provides an infrastructure and supplies Oregon-grown aroma hops to craft brewers while partnering with leading farmers in the Willamette Valley.
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