Brewer Profile: Gary Burleigh

Gary Burleigh

@The Brewerie: Erie, PA

Profiled by Ken Carman

Last year, after I performed in Erie, I swung by The Brewerie for the third or fourth time, a brewpub which is in the old train station in Erie.

I wasn’t ready. I was surprised. Gary, the brewer, must have heard someone was asking tech questions and he sat down next to me at the bar.

I told him I’d be back next year to interview him as part of the brewer profile series here at PGA.

So this year I walked in though the main doors…

…through the huge train station lobby…

…sat down at their bar and quaffed one of their most recent Belgian brews, at 10%. What, you expected Mr. Needs a Whack by a 2×4 to the taste buds to order something else? …and patiently waited; blathering with other beer snobs, geeks, or whatever the Hell you wanna call us, and here comes Gary.

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