Beer for Slimy Slugs, Vinegar for Weeds

A marriage best made in… the garden?

…so PLEASE something like use Bud or Miller, OK???- Prof. GA

Written by Carol Oneal for the Mail Tribune

Last week, I attended mini-college at Oregon State University in Corvallis, a statewide conference of Master Gardeners. It’s a great place to take garden-related classes and hear inspiring speakers.

One of the featured speakers was Jeff Gillman, author of several books and an associate professor in horticulture at the University of Minnesota. In this column, I’m referring to his book “The Truth About Garden Remedies.”

Gillman and his team subjected several traditional, organic, home garden remedies to scientific study to see whether they work. Some of the results surprised me.

For example, is using beer really a good way to deal with slugs? “Yes”, says Gillman. In fact, it was such an effective non-chemical remedy it is considered the “gold standard” of getting rid of those slimy pests. Dig a hole and insert a container, such as a small tin can. The top of the container should be even with the soil surface. Fill the container with beer so that it’s about an inch from the top. Be sure the container is deep enough to hold a few inches of beer.
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