Beer Profiles: War Horse

Picture of War Horse silo before the name of the brewery changed.

Profiles by Ken Carman

Expect a more current picture and further information about this hard to find brewery in an upcoming Brew Biz column.

Riesling Ale
War Horse India Pale Ale
War Horse Black Lager

I had these beers at the brewery and bought them for the second, Labor Day weekend, beer tasting I do every year at Beaver River Station.

I’ll start with the only disappointment: the Riesling. After being impressed with the other two, I found the Riesling too mild with only slight hints of the Riesling juice Custom Crafters puts in this as they brew it for War Horse. Slight. I have been rarely been impressed with anything CC does, and the other two are so much better. That fruit sense could just as well be the fruity nature of the ale itself. Should be better. But that caveat aside it is a light ale; sans hop sense. The fruity nature replaces the hops sense quite well. Somewhere between pale to mid-copper-ish. If I had some now I’d do a better job but my tasters greedily devoured all three. All three were well loved.

The IPA? Perfect. The BJCP needs to consider this as a classic of an American version of the style.
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