Growlers and the Law

Blackfoot Brewing image courtesy blogspot,com

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All who love good craft beer know what a growler is. Sometimes they are simply 64oz apple cider jugs. Not recommended if you wish to wait anymore than a few days to sip, unless you want your beer to be flatter than Twiggy.

It’s a 60s joke, younguns, get over it.

The best, and the most hideously expensive, are what I call “Grolsch style,” with a ceramic top, rubber stopper/washer and metal clamps.

But “the best” thing about growlers is that you can pick up your beer at the pub/micro and take it home: hence lessening DUIs/DWIs. You enjoy your favorite beer, instead of a jail cell and the company of Bubba: who may like you a bit too much.

Who could hate growlers?
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