Beer Profile: Hopsickle Imperial Ale

Profiled by Ken Carman

Moylan Brewing
Novato, Caifornia

I was warned that this was well over 100 IBUs. Not sure the hop mix here, but I doubt it. I was the willing victim of many Tim Rastetter ales in the 90s at Brew Works south of Cinci that really were well over 100 and, until I got used to them, had to be cut by moi’. Of course the hop mix is crucial. You could have a lot of citrus and floral but never really leave that satisfying burn that 100 IBUs delivers, even if it does peak over 100. And you can have a hell of a lot of burn but little substance to the hop mix that doesn’t reach 100. This comes close, so maybe it is, but the hop mix could be done better either way. Not bad at all. Just not the best one can do when one reaches the speed of light equivalent in hop-world: 100 and over. The Rastetter hop balance was always damn near perfect. This? Needs some tweaking.

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