Hickenlooper Turned to Beer After Losing Geologist Job

Photo by Gretel Daugherty—Gubernatorial candidate and Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper savors a bite from a ripe Palisade peach during a brief stop at High Country Orchards, 3548 E 1/2 Rd., on Sunday. Hickenlooper said he’s touring the state for two weeks to find out the concerns of Colorado residents.

Written by Charles Ashby for GJSentinel.com

Note: the article does not mention the actual name of the brewpub chain. Odd. Several online articles do not. Really odd. The Professor’s research indicates: Wynkoop Brewing Company-PGA

July 5 is a day John Hickenlooper will never forget.

In 1986, it was the day the oil and gas geologist got laid off from his job, jeopardizing the only career he had known. The same day six years later, his wife, Helen Thorpe, gave birth to his son, Teddy.

“Isn’t that weird?” Hickenlooper said. “What are the chances?”

Though seeing his son born obviously was a good day for the Democrat, losing his job so many years ago eventually turned out to be a good thing, too.

If that hadn’t happened, Hickenlooper might never have started a brew-pub in Denver, parlayed that into a successful enterprise that included several restaurants, married his wife at age 49, started his first run for elective office in early 2002, and now run for Colorado governor.
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