Club Update: Escambia Bay

Pensacola/Emerald Coast area

The brewers listed below are award winning brewers in our club. They will be highlighted on our club’s website (well maybe not theĀ unremarkable one). Dang Buddy, you were looking good till Gary sent his award list (book)! If any of you have won awards and are not listed, let me know so I can get your name and awards on the club’s list (No MONKEY PAW awards – only beer brewing awards).

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Hiram Codd

Written by Lilith Raymour

Homebrewers have an unsung hero. They may be familiar with the founder of Guinness, or that lager yeast was created at Carlsberg by one Christian Hansen. The heroes and innovators are many. But without a way to keep the creamy head from escaping, without a head or at least just a slight tingle that carbonation delivers to the palate, beer just simply wouldn’t be, well, beer. Simply fermented wort, or “wert” as it was once spelled.

Hiram Codd.
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