Green beer: Not Just for St. Patty’s Day

For the green-conscious crowd, it can be argued that it’s far more important to drink beers from environment-friendly breweries than to seek out organic beers that may leave you unsatisfied. (Photo: Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune)

Written by Evan S. Benn for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch McClatchy-Tribune

Over a plate of eggs from a free-range, hormone-free, vegetarian-fed, organic chicken, I pondered the carbon footprint of my beer consumption.

I recycle bottles and cans, sure; but is that enough to offset all the water, energy and other resources that go into making liquid gold?

So I started looking into organic beers — and I was underwhelmed. Unlike the wine industry, which in recent years has exploded with bio-dynamic and organic wines produced in sustainable ways, there are still only a relative few number of beers out there that have gone green.
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