This Year, Give the Gift of Really, Really Expensive Beer

Written by Christian DeBenedetti for

Think the craft beer lover in your life has everything? Well, unless they own a bottle of each of the following beers, they couldn’t possibly: presenting the most expensive beers ever sold. Collecting rare and vintage beers is for the most hard-core beer fans, who run the gamut from casual hoarders to nattily-attired collectors to a handful of real wingnuts. Below, their Holy Grail.

Antarctic Nail Ale, $800
A single bottle of Antarctic Nail Ale, made by Nail Brewing Co. of Fremantle, Australia, was sold for $800 at a charity auction last month. Why so spendy? A portion of the water used was melted Antarctic Sea ice harvested by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (of Whale Wars fame). Call it the Moby Dick of publicity stunts.
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