Thirst for Craft Beer Is Keeping Business Bubbling and Jobs Brewing

Written by Rick Leventhal for

At New York City’s Brooklyn Brewery, where beer output and new hires are on the rise, there is no better example of how the appetite for craft beers pours strong, despite a flat economy.

Based in an old brick warehouse in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, just across the East River from Manhattan, the brewery cooks, ferments and sells more than 110,000 barrels of lager, ale and other craft beers every year. This includes beer the company brews at another facility upstate in Utica. (Most likely Matt Brewing- PGA)

The specialty suds are sold in kegs of all sizes along with bottles and cans — the equivalent of between 1.5 and 2 million cases was poured in 2010. The company says the production will grow far larger when an expansion project is complete.

“I think a lot of people aren’t guzzling beer the way they used to,” says owner Steve Hindy. “They’re looking for something they can savor and think about and talk about — and that’s Brooklyn Lager, or one of our other great beers.”
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