Where’s The Lager Love?

Danny Fullpint blogs about his feelings on the underdog of the craft beer movement, the craft lager. Buried underneath the barrel aged beers, sours, and monster IPA’s are some carefully crafted, bottom fermenting beers. Cheers! Note: if you wish to read more of Dan’s beer rants, please visit thefullpint.com

Written by Dan Fullpint for thefullpint.com

If you started your beer drinking journey roughly the same period of your life as I did, you probably sucked back many cans or bottles of lager during your late high school years and into college.  In this instance, I’m referring to the cheap, fizzy, yellow piss you buy in a 30 pack, most likely made by Bud, Miller or Coors.  Hovering between 4-5 percent, you could play and drink all night with your friends, while making a pyramid of empty cans, and most likely leaving that smelly 1/2 inch of warm beer at the bottom.

When you finally realized that stuff was junk and moved onto Samuel Adams or Newcastle, because you are now smarter and more sophisticated, you realized the stuff in those cans was crap.  Fast forward to the beer drinking times of today, and you’ll notice the craft beer market is flooded with ales.  There is almost a stigma that ales are good and lagers are crap.  In a sea of IPAs, Black IPAs, strong ales, and wheat ales, there is a perceived contrast of good and bad between ales and lagers.  I would bet if you asked someone to name a lager, they probably wouldn’t even name Samuel Adams Boston Lager, but rather Budweiser or Heineken.  From where I’m sitting, Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a decent  lager (when fresh and maintained), green bottle import lager and American macro canned lager is a horrible representation of lager. The problem is, the marketing and market domination of the latter have bored a hole in everyone’s mind that lager = fizzy yellow cheap beer. I’m here to help shed some light on the lost art of the long, cold, bottom fermented beer known as lager. In this case, craft lager. As a disclaimer, I think the cheap fizzy stuff has it’s place, I’ve been known to suck down some PBR in the warm weather, I just want people to know lager is not a bad word.

Craft Lager
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