The Beer Highway in Northern California (Part One of Three)

Written by Tom Becham for

Due to some family considerations, January saw me and my wife traveling to Northern California by car. While I did not, and could not make this entire trip about beer, we did manage to visit a couple prominent breweries and/or their taprooms while on the road.

The first of these places was Firestone-Walker. Their actual brewery is in Paso Robles, but their taproom – with nice attached restaurant – is just off the highway in Buellton, California. As Firestone is located smack in the heart of Santa Barbara wine country (and since the Firestone family is also involved in wineries), the brewery’s fondness for barrel-aging beers seems natural. Combined with Firestone’s fondness for barrel-fermenting and aging beers, is their effort to make beers that are as English in character as possible. The results tend to be ales that one could easily find in a pub in Yorkshire or Kent, but with a unique twist.
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Club Update: Escambia Bay Brewers

I am leaving for the South Florida & the Keys tomorrow and will not be back till the 15th or so. Jim Martin, Rex and Gary have agreed to be at my shop this Saturday between 11:00am and 1:00pm to dispense grain orders for those that need their grain before I get back. That’s a 2 hour window so don’t be late or you’ll be out of luck. I’ll send out the pricing tomorrow when I get the grain so you can be ready when you pick it up. If you don’t have a check I can’t say if there will be any change available. Checks should be made out to EBH.

Pat Johnson
St Pats party at Mark Robertsons place on Lakeview is Sat March 12th. Party starts at 2PM. Early Birds are OK. We need a head count for food prep. If you have not already done so, please RSVP to me ASAP. Bring Beer & bring a dish or snack food. Jim

Gumbo cook off at Seville is March 19th. Club will buy your entry ticket if you sign up. head cooks are Sean & Jim. Please let me know if you can bring beer. We ran out at the chili cookoff. RSVP ASAP. If you RSVP and cannot come, please notify me so that club does not spent money for nothing. More details later. jim
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