Anheuser’s New 0%-Alcohol Beer

Written by John W. Miller for the Wall Street Journal

Aren't you SO "excited?"- PGA
The 2011 Anheuser Busch-InBev shareholders meeting on Tuesday was never going to generate news. “We’ll have a press conference but you won’t learn anything,” a spokeswoman said.

First-quarter results are due to be presented on May 4, so the company didn’t want to jump the gun, although the so-called “quiet period” before earnings is a cultural choice, not the law.

What the company did want to talk about was its new alcohol-free drink, the Hoegaarden 0.0. The Real Time Brussels team agreed to taste-test a six-pack, as it did for the Jupiler Force.
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Beer Profiles: Hop Dam and Fresh Frog Raw

Profiled by Ken Carman for Professor Goodales

These two profiles will be a bit different. I brought Hop Dam to American Homebrewers regional here inb Nashville to get some comments from BJCP judges and competition organizers. So my comments will be brief so I can include them with mine in the short format I prefer to use for my profiles here at PGA. The other will be more like the usual profiles I do. Plus: thought it would be fun to compare them.

First: Hop Dam, Hoppin Frog’s Triple IPA; Akron, OH…
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