Mexican Microbrews Challenge Beer Giants, Fight for Space at Bar

From the Associated Press

MEXICO CITY — The craft brewers plotted their revolution

Local obviously happy he can get craft beer. Picture courtesy
in a bar evoking the era of Prohibition speakeasies.

Their goal felt equally subversive: nothing less than the transformation of Mexico’s beer-loving culture into one that thirsts not for the mild flavors of Corona or Dos Equis, but for the richness of stouts, the dark body of double malts and the bitterness of India pale ales.

The brewers said they were fighting for choice: “Por la Cerveza Libre,” or “For the Liberated Beer.”

“To choose what we consume based on our tastes, translates as free choice, a fundamental right of every person,” they wrote in a manifesto.

Even though Mexico is known worldwide for its beer, only two companies dominate the domestic market and determine what millions of people swig.

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East Valley Store a Home Base for Home Brew

The East Valley Tribune serves the east suburbs of Phoenix. This is a story of a love for good beer and dedicating one’s life to your love- PGA

Written by Dan Zeiger for The East Valley Tribune (


Not fond of the taste of most major-brand beers, Mel Corley opted to become a do-it-yourself brewer.

Eight years later, the Chandler resident and his next-door neighbor have mastered the art of making beer, with eight recipes of their own and a brewing calendar that enables them to tap lighter brews in the summer, heavier ones for the holiday season.

“We started with kits, but as you start making your own recipes, you’ll goof sometimes,” Corley said. “It will still be drinkable, but you pretty much know where you went wrong. You try to keep that to a minimum.

“Luckily for us, the beers usually have come out great the first time.”

Corley and his neighbor, Rick Kessler, are examples that — as the old Miller slogan goes — if you have the time, you can have the beer, your way. As store prices for beer continue to climb, some drinkers have turned to home brewing as a cheaper, more flexible — and enjoyable — alternative.
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