Puzzling Changes Proposed to TN Beer Laws

Written by Doug Brumley for fledglingbrewer.com

Posted by Ken Carman for PGA readers

GRANDFATHERED IN: Authorized to brew high-alcohol beer since 2010, Yazoo Brewing Co. is automatically included in a controversial "pilot program" currently proposed by the Tennessee Senate that would cap the state's high-alcohol breweries at three.
A bill designed to limit to three the number of Tennessee breweries manufacturing high-alcohol beer is currently making its way through state Senate committees. Originally drafted to ease the residential requirements for obtaining a retail liquor store license in Tennessee, the bill’s initial language and intent were amended before the proposed legislation picked up a second, oddly worded amendment in the Senate; that latter addition establishes a “pilot program” that licenses only one brewery to produce high-alcohol beer—defined as 5 percent to 20 percent alcohol by weight—in each of Tennessee’s three “Grand Divisions” (East, Middle and West Tennessee).

This Amendment No. 2, added in the Senate after the bill passed by a wide margin in the state House, caught many in the regional craft beer community by surprise and has created quite a stir among Tennessee brewers, distributors and beer enthusiasts. Reactions range from confusion to suspicion as word spreads that a large, out-of-state brewery is lobbying the state legislature for incentives to locate a new facility in East Tennessee.
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From the Bottle Collection: Firehouse

Without intent, I have collected well over 1,000 beer bottles since the early 70s. When something finally had to be done about the cheap paneling in this old modular, I had a choice. Tear down the walls while, oh, so carefully, replacing the often rotted 1X3s. Or: cover them with…

…The Bottle Collection.

There are several Firehouse Breweries. I tried tracking this down with little luck. The main one is in San Diego it seems, but their bottles look nothing like this. OK, it is from the 90s but I swear it was from northeast Ohio, but if it is it’s since gone out of business.


Obviously the beer was not memorable. But the painted glass is nice. The picture sucked. I took it 3 times, the one I tried to download was the least “sucky.” I swear sometimes this camera hates what I point it at. In fact I have tried to load it 6 times and my computer hated it! So finally I found a reference site that tells you where different brands are brewed.

Yes, I gave up. I have better things to do than loading something that will never load. Forgive me.

Picture courtesy microlabelguide.com

I am looking for the bottle and will add more info if I do find it.

OK, back again. I almost blamed it on a defunct brewery in Iowa, but actually it was a brewery in Miami. Probably picked it up about 10 years ago as we swung south and went to visit the Keys from my more northern haunts. We did stay in Miami and stopped by several breweries/brewpubs. Web sites seem to indicate it was a micro, and I use “was” only because their website has been disabled. Another link: firebrew.com, brings you to some site for an engineering concern. The site that link came from says about their bottles…

“…this brewery offers more than the best looking bottle in town.”


But from what I remember not the best beer. In craft beer world presentation is not everything, though if you look at AB’sa and Miller/Coor’s efforts in the past to do craft someone should really tell their marketing wizards that.