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Written by Tom Becham for Professor Goodales

My wife and I recently dragged a friend to a local area winery in Fillmore, California, called Giessinger. Yes, I do occasionally do wine tasting just as hopefully many Professor Goodales readers do. I find it sharpens my palate for beer, and the reverse is also true. I can now appreciate wine in a way I wasn’t able to before I started seriously deconstructing beer flavors. It’s also good to enjoy a change of pace now and then.

Additionally, Giessinger is just a damn good winery, and I use any excuse to visit it.

But this piece is not about wine tasting, per se.

My aim is more to convince my fellow beer geeks to seek out and convert wine lovers to the pleasures of craft beer (however you may define that controversial term). We should convince wine lovers that good beer deserves an equal place at the table with good wine.

Many beer lovers will be open to trying fine wine, and many have already developed an appreciation for such wine. Unfortunately, there are a percentage of wine afficionados who regard beer geeks as little better than barbarians, and see our drink of choice as laughably unsophisticated and unvarying. Obviously, they’ve never sampled an Abbey Dubbel, a Flemish Sour, or an oak-aged Imperial Stout. Our task is to get them to do so.

As I explained to Rosie, our delightfully un-snobby sommelier at Giessinger, judging the world of beer based on the efforts of Bud/Miller/Coors, is like judging all wines based on the stuff in the box or the best efforts of Ernest & Julio. There’s just so much more to both!
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Beer Festival News

Hidden Valley is a beautiful, serene setting that rests behind Watkins Glen State Park. There will be an indoor courtyard tasting area with music and specialty food and an outdoor courtyard area also with tasting and live music. Event is held rain or shine.

Some overnight group cabin rentals, sleeping 10-20, will be available for $120, email for details.

For more information about reserving a cabin for groups of 10 or more, or any other information, please contact Kathy at, or check the Roosterfish Facebook page.

No one under 21 allowed on the site unless accompanied by a parent.

Designated Driver’s are encouraged.

Wristbands will be issued and must be worn at all time by all people on the site.

Enjoy the best breweries in the Finger Lakes Region and support an amazing cause while you taste, dance and enjoy a festive evening.

Partial list of participating breweries with more joining daily
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