And While We’re on the Subject of Wisconsin Beer…

Written by Paul Mulshine for The Star Ledger

Coincidentally, before I posted that item about Governor Scott Walker’s role in rigging the beer market, I happened to have picked up a six-pack of Pangaea Lillja Argosy IPA.

It was a good  India Pale Ale, perhaps my favorite style of ale. Best of all it cost a mere $6.50, a good price these days.

If Walker gets his way, such small breweries will have a tough time making a go of it. Bottling and packaging costs about four times as much as the actual brewing process and it’s hard for a small brewer to make a profit if he can’t  control his distribution.

I’ve interviewed many a microbrewer over the years and all complain that the toughest part of the job is getting wholesalers to push their product.

The bill the Walker administration is pushing would prohibit microbreweries from getting wholesale distribution licenses, thereby creating an artificial monopoly for the big distributors.
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