Legislature Brews Up Interference in Free Market

Written by James Wigderson as a special guest-perspective for MacIver Institute

I have an acquaintance, TJ Buczak, who is a pretty good plumber. Everyone should know a good plumber, right? But what makes this plumber even better than most is that he has put his knowledge of liquids and pipes into a very fun hobby, making his own beer.

Unlike a lot of home brewers, our plumber friend TJ is actually pretty good at making his own beer. I know this because I’ve sampled it. TJ is now at the stage of entering his different types of beer in competitions and, very soon, he will start selling the beer to other people. With any luck, our friend will someday join the sixty commercial craft brewers that make up 5% of the beer market in Wisconsin.

It’s the Wisconsin dream. Frederick Miller. Frederick Pabst. Gottlieb Heileman. Jake Leinenkugel. And now?

Making beer is something Wisconsinites are naturally good at. That’s not surprising considering how much we consume. Heck, legislating in Wisconsin is a two-drink minimum. We even have a baseball team named after the brewing industry in a stadium named for a brand of beer.
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