Home-Brewmaster Makes a Fine Neighbor

Written by Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer Restaurant Critic

As someone with a weekly drink column who’s always in quest of the next great sip, variety in my glass is just a way of life. In the past decade, I’ve almost never ordered the same bottle twice. The notion of having an entire keg of one beer to consume in my home, then, has always been the ultimate nonstarter every time I thought about tackling home brew.

And then Devin and Meg Griffiths moved in down the street. Within merely a few days, these outgoing newcomers from Texas (he’s a postdoc fellow in University of Pennsylvania’s English department) already had a steady stream of happy neighbors coming through their home. The reason? Aside from her fresh-baked apple strudels and his pit-smoked Texas brisket, Devin is also a devoted home brewer. Nothing draws a friendly crowd like a well-stocked Kegerator.

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