Lawyer Brews Craft Beer to the Extreme

Written by Katherine Scarrow for

It’s paradoxical, but the global economic crisis of 2008 may have been the best thing ever to have to happened to lawyer-turned-brewery-owner Dimitri van Kampen.

“I had lost all of my clients overnight. Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch all went away and I’m sitting there, with no much to do, and I started thinking what I might’ve done with my life if I hadn’t gotten into law,” he says.

Mr. van Kampen, who refers to himself as a “refugee of the credit crunch,” was always a beer hobbyist, but it was time spent in U.K. pubs that deepened his love affair with bold English ales.

“It was a real eye-opener for me about what beer could be, so I started thinking why can’t I start a brewery?”
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