Craft Beer Brewers Turn to American History for Inspiration

Around the world, more people have taken an interest in American beer – specifically the so-called craft beers or microbrews

(The Professor usually doesn’t editorialize, but “so called?” What is THAT supposed to mean? Some of this is so obvious as to be mundane for anyone with the slightest knowledge of craft beer, but some of the percentages and stats are interesting. Utopia is NOT the world’s strongest beer. There are several a lot stronger, including BrewDog’s “The End of History” and “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” – PGA)

Written by Paul Lin for Voice of America

The brewing industry in the United States has seen an explosion in recent years in what are known as “craft beers” – innovative beer styles produced by small, independent breweries. In fact, the craft brewing industry grew last year by 11 percent in volume, and 12 percent in dollars – compared to the previous year. One of the newest offerings even takes its inspiration from the nation’s founding fathers, including George Washington.

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