Craft Beer vs. Real Ale

Note: to the Professor this seems an artificial debate: “real beer,” done right IS craft beer. And not every beer brewed right need be cask/firkin- PGA

Written by Danner Kline for

Once in a while I read an article that gets my mental gears turning so much I just have to write about it. That was the case this week when someone directed my attention to the BrewDog blog and their post on craft beer vs. real ale. It offers both an opportunity for me to touch on the topic of cask-conditioned ale and the topic of craft beer more generally.

Longtime readers will recall that BrewDog is the Scottish brewery that garnered tons of free publicity last year by engaging in a battle to produce the strongest beer in the world. After several rounds of one-upmanship with Germany’s Schorschbräu brewery, BrewDog ended the battle (at least for a while) with the release of The End of History, a 55-percent ABV beer—a strength produced by ice distillation. The brewery has really made a name for itself by pulling stunts that garner lots of media attention, and by brewing beers that would be much more at home in the middle of the American craft beer revolution than in their native U.K., where dark milds and ESBs are revered more than extreme beer styles or tricks like shooting for ridiculous alcohol contents.
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