MGD 64 Lemonade Dies An Early Death

(The Professor is a little short on taste bud tolerance this century, so he’ll skip this one-PGA)

Written by Chris Morran for

Earlier this year, the MillerCoors marketing machine decided that people really wanted a lemonade version of its successful MGD 64 low-calorie beer. Alas, there must have been a mistake in the algorithm and after only a few months on shelves, the beverage is no more.

“Winning in beer requires testing the bounds of the market with innovation,” MillerCoors president of sales wrote earlier today in an email to MillerCoors distributors. “With that commitment, however, comes a recognition that not every innovation will succeed. That is the case with MGD 64 Lemonade, so we have decided to discontinue this line extension.”

If you happen to like this particular beverage, you’ll want to hit up the store now, as Miller plans to buy back whatever existing retail stock it can. Which makes us wonder what they’re going to do with it when they get it back to Miller HQ.

Joe Sixpack: In the Narrow Category of Worst Beer, a Fresh Contender

Written by Joe Sixpack (Don Russell) for

ASK ME THE WORST beer I’ve ever had, and the answer was always easy: Stegmaier Gold Medal.

This was back in the 1970s. The case of 12-ounce cans was smuggled into a dorm room inside a leather suitcase, and we began popping them open before they were sufficiently iced.

It tasted like hay. Or, more accurately, hay that had been cut, baled and then used as bedding for incontinent goats. The rancid flavor lingers to this day and, as I said, it was the worst I’d ever tasted.

Until last week, when I swallowed a mouthful of MGD 64 Lemonade.
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