Tacoma LOVES Beer!

DELICIOUS BEER: There will be plenty at the Tacoma Craft Beer Festival.

Written by Joshua Swainston for weeklyvolcano.com

What magic fermented yeast, grain and water can become when proportioned correctly. Pilsners, lagers, Hefeweizens, ales (of all sorts); wheats, barleys, stouts and all the other delicious brews.

It’s enough to make a grown man cry. The triumph of the ages: BEER.

To celebrate the fabulous concoction the third annual Tacoma Craft Beer Fest will take place Sept. 3. This year the Craft Beer Fest will go down at the 21st Street Park on Dock Street. Those who purchase a ticket and gain entry receive a 5.5-ounce tester glass and 10 drink tokens to sample the plethora of brews that await. Additional drink tokens are $1.50. All profits this year will go to support the Boy and Girls Club of South Puget Sound.

But it’s not ALL about beer. Some of the things that go great WITH beer will also be on hand. Assorted grub will be available to soak up the alcohol. And rock, bluegrass and acoustic music acts are slated to play so that you can bust out some drunken gyration.

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