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Beer offer rebuffed by courthouse deputies

From The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Allegheny County sheriff’s deputies said a drunken woman offered them beer from her open case at the county courthouse Thursday morning before they seized the suds and escorted her off the premises.

Deputies encountered the woman, whom they did not identify, carrying a case of Big City Ice beer and noticed her slurred speech as she offered them a drink, as long as she could keep the rest for herself, the sheriff’s department said. They determined she had no reason to be there, confiscated the beer and drained it in a sink.

The woman was not charged.

Squam Brewing

Written by Matt Webster for

Holderness is a very small town just north of Squam Lake, mid-New Hampshire, where they shot On Golden Pond. A few years ago they had a small brewery owned by a gentleman who also owned a homebrew store. Nice to see Holderness is back in brew world. -The Professor

Squam Brewing is one of the smallest breweries in the country. It’s owned and operated by John Glidden, who has spent his entire life in Holderness, N.H. Glidden explains that the name was chosen “partly for my close association with the lake and partly for the name recognition for both locals and tourists who enjoy the Lakes Region.” He currently brews and bottles six different styles of beer ($6-$8 for 22 oz. at retail), all with a unique connection to local history.

For instance, Asquam Amber Ale, the first beer released by the brewery, is made in homage of one of the early names of Squam Lake – Asquam is an Abenaki word for water. Steamer Stout – an oatmeal stout – is brewed in honor of the hard-working Halcyon, “which transported mail, people and goods up and down Squam Lake in the early 1900s.”
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