Big Bob’s Barley Wine Bash 2011

Reported by Ken Carman for Professor Goodales

There’s Big Bob, and yes, Gang, it’s time to talk about Big Bob’s Barley Wine Bash again! Pictures courtesy of Keith Conley, a great photographer who did our pictures this year for Escambia Bay Brewer’s Emerald Coast Beer Festival. This event is always a little chaotic, but we like it that way. A hell of a lot of big beer at over 10% and it gets “a bit chaotic?” Who would have thunk it?
Bob pours…


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Funkwerks Renames Controversial Beer

Written by Anthony Orig for


Funkwerks, a small brewery specializing in Saison-style beers brewed with organic ingredients, opened in December 2010 in Fort Collins, CO. This year, they only expect to brew 500 barrels—a small amount considering that the largest craft brewers brew over 500,000 each year.

Last Wednesday, Brad Lincoln and Gordon Schuck of Funkwerks received a call from The New Zealand Herald regarding the name of their Imperial Saison, Maori King. A few days later, they reported “Maori King ale leaves sour taste.” This article sparked outrage over the naming of Funkwerks’ beer and people demanded a response and a solution.

After several days of criticism, Funkwerks decided to change the name of the beer in question to Southern Tropic. Along with the new name, Funkwerks’ issued a response. Here’s an excerpt, or you can read the complete response.
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U.S. Beer Consumption Continues Decline

Good news framed as bad news? Note craft beer is UP!- PGA

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NORWALK, Conn., Sept. 14, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — For the fourth year in a row, the beer industry has continued its declines and lost 1.9% to total 2.8 billion cases. According to the Beverage Information Group’s recently released 2011 Beer Handbook, continued declines in the Light segment continue to contribute to the overall losses in the industry. This segment has seen declines amongst its core brands and is only seeing pockets of growth from newly introduced line extensions.

Despite the struggling economy, growth was seen among the Craft segment as well as Imports. The higher-priced Craft segment continued to post solid gains due to consumers’ attraction to the interesting flavors craft brewers offer. Imports, which previously have been experiencing declines, gained 0.9% to 362-8 million cases last year, but that is still 11.1% lower than its pre-recessionary levels.
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