The Rise of Craft Beer in America



Written by E.D. Cain for Forbes

I’ve spilled a good deal of ink on craft beer in the past, discussing how regulations have factored into the big beer monopolies, and questioning whether small brewers need to be unionized the way the big brew shops do. I’ve also written about craft beer as it applies to the “human economy” (more on the human economy here).

Suffice to say, the American beer industry fascinates me, not least of all because until quite recently it was dominated by a handful of very big corporations making a very limited, and subpar range of brews. The craft brew revolution has changed all that.

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My First Semester at Beer College

My First Semester at Beer College


Written by Ryan Farrell for

“You’re a beer judge?”
“So, you judge beer?”

This is roughly what it sounds like when I’m on a plane, or at a wedding—or sometimes on a plane going to a wedding—and the topic of work and my job at the Brewers Association (BA) comes up. The next part usually goes one of three ways:

  1. The Overexcited:“Dude, that’s awesome!” I’ve even gotten a few high fives. Then I explain that’s not really what I get paid for. “I help handle the finances, HR and write the occasional article. But, yes, I love my workplace.”
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