Tour Visitors Can Drink Up City’s Brewing History

Written by Stanley A. Miller II for Milwaukee Tap/The Journal Sentinel

There are brewery tours that give visitors some company propaganda and a cup of beer.

And then there is the Legacies of Milwaukee Brewery Tour, an all-day junket under the guidance of an archaeologist and a local historian specializing in the city’s brewing culture and industry.

“It’s very in-depth and . . . you can’t find this anywhere else,” said Kevin Cullen, an archaeologist at Discovery World who started hosting the Legacies tours last year.

“Sure, people are enjoying the beer on the bus,” Cullen said. “We are tempering it with history and comedy along the way. It’s a great way to see the city in a way you’ve never looked at it before.”

The Legacies tours are an intellectual’s brewery adventure that includes introductions to local brewmasters, being ferried to historical breweries both still standing and long gone and even visiting the final resting places of the city’s founding beer barons.
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Obama’s Homebrew Needs a New Name

Written by Elizabeth Gunnison for Esquire

When former Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer rolled into the capital last week to receive his Medal of Honor, the 23-year-old war hero’s one request was to share a beer with the president. Meyer’s beer of choice is Bud Light, but Obama broke out the good stuff for the occasion: White House Honey Ale, one of three beers brewed on White House grounds with the help of a beehive the Obamas had installed on the South Lawn. President Obama is the first-ever American leader to brew his own beer in the White House, and he even personally ponied up the initial $200 necessary to buy the home-brewing equipment. We approve.
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