AB Inbev Brewing Up Mega Deal for Sabmiller

Now for the bad news: big beer is about to get bigger.-PGA

From Reuters. No Author Credited

In a global brewing industry marked by huge consolidation over the last decade, bankers are hopeful of an $80-billion (£51.5-billion) plus deal to end all deals between the industry’s two giants, Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller .

If AB InBev buys SABMiller it could be the biggest cash takeover in history and would create a group brewing a third of the world’s beer. Analysts and bankers suggest 2013 as a likely time frame for a takeover that is seen as the final play in deal making in big world brewing.

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Beer Gift-Giver Apologizes to Firefighters

The Professor posts this only because it shows ov er reaction when it comes to beer can be very anal, and idiotic: reacting first, investigating second-PGA

Author not credited. From nbcwashington.com

It was meant to be a token of thanks and appreciation. But now that a friendly case of beer has gotten some local firefighters in trouble, the D.C. man who gave the gift wishes he could take it back.

Clem Cypra took the case of beer to Engine 9 on U Street to thank the firefighters for putting out an air conditioner fire at his home. That beer was found in the firehouse fridge Thursday. Chief Kenneth Ellerbe shut down the station for hours and ordered firefighters undergo breathalyzer tests. All of them passed, but Ellerbe says it’s still against department policy to have alcohol on the premises.

Cypra says the firefighters had refused to take the beer, but he insisted, and now feels terrible.

“The last thing in the world I wanted to do was cause anybody problems,” says Cypra. “It was a gesture of thanks. And it turns out to cause them potentially any problem, that’s a little bit of a fiasco and an unintended consequence of doing the right thing.”

The station’s command staff is expected to face disciplinary action.

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