Invitation: Hungarian Craft-Beer Festival, Budapest, 6 – 9 October

Now all you have to do is GET there!- The Professor

“We are proud to announce our second Főzdefeszt, Hungarian Craft-Beer Festival: 6-9 October, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 12h – 24h, on Sunday from 12h – 18h, in Budapest, VIII. Palace-district, off Kálvin tér (Lőrinc Pap tér – Krúdy Gyula utca – Mikszáth Kálmán tér – Szabó Ervin tér – Kálvin tér). First Hungarian Craft-Beer Festival rolls again. The entry to the festival is free.

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By 2010, Hungarian Beer was almost a thing of the past, while 90% of Hungarian beer-drinkers did not even know what they were missing. We – beer-bloggers, journalists, craft-brewers – were determined to turn around the disreputable image of beer in Hungary, with the ultimate selfish goal of making good, real beer available generally. So we organized Főzdefeszt – First Hungarian Craft Beer festival in May, 2011.

After the spectacular success of that first festival, the hidden popular interest in Hungarian Craft Beer became evident. Our goal was to bring together all the people interested in the future of beer in Hungary – we did that and did something more: kickstarted something like a beer-revolution: in one season half a dozen quality beer-festivals sprung up, new breweries were founded, and more than 20 new brews were born to meet the demands outlined on our spring festival.

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Blue Moon’s Brewer

Note: the Professor renamed this article because he felt “Blue Moon adds Craft Brewery Dimension to MillerCoors” was problematic. The Professor has several problems with this article, starting with calling Blue Moon, “craft beer.” It’s like calling Caddy “a small, inde, car company.” But it does provide some insight into Miller/Coors attempt to slice into the craft market, and how media sometimes backs them up. The history is interesting too, as well as some of the brewer’s comments. The Professor decided to let you decide.- The Professor

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Keith Villa is the brewmaster of Blue Moon Brewing Company, a craft brewery that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MillerCoors. The company actually started well before the merger of Miller and Coors. Villa is also the creator of Blue Moon Belgian white, the brewery’s flagship beer, as well as several other beers.

Villa says there is a very friendly marriage in Belgium of beer and cuisine, and this had a big effect on him as a brewer. After starting Blue Moon, Villa traveled the United States on an education campaign to tell people why they should drink a cloudy beer like his – and later to explain how his beer can best be paired with numerous kinds of food.

“The Blue Moon Belgian white is the single largest craft brand in the United States. Sam Adams is bigger when all brands are counted, but as a single brand, Blue Moon is the largest. People now will often say (of Blue Moon), ‘Oh yeah, that’s that big beer,’ but in the early days, it was tough. I traveled all over the country to educate people about cloudy beer. It wasn’t until about 2003 that people started to get what Blue Moon was all about. Prior to that it was a lot of hard work,” says Villa.

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