Craft Beer Festival’s Second Round (Hungarian BEER!)

A beer connoisseur checks the head and colour on some brew at the inaugural Craft Beer Festival this spring.
By 2010, Hungarian beer was almost a thing of the past, while 90 per cent of Hungarian beer-drinkers did not even know what they were missing. We – beer-bloggers, journalists, craft-brewers – were determined to turn around the disreputable image of beer in Hungary, with the ultimate selfish goal of making good, real beer widely available. So we organised Fõzdefeszt – the first Hungarian Craft Beer Festival – in May.

What beer drinkers want

After the spectacular success of that first festival, the hidden popular interest in Hungarian craft beer became evident. Something like a beer revolution is under way: in one season half a dozen quality beer festivals sprung up, new breweries were founded and more than 20 new brews were born to meet the demands outlined from our spring festival.
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