The Evolution of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Beer Advertising

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Pabst Blue Ribbon, also known as PBR, is the most famous product of the Pabst Brewing Company, and incidentally, my favorite beer. Known by a few different names (Pabst Best Select and Pabst Select), before its current PBR moniker, PBR has been around since 1882. A while back I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever seen, watched, or heard a PBR advertisement though. I know the brand had experienced a cult renaissance during the last decade or so, and that my grandfather used to drink it when he was my age, but that was about it. A friend of mine showed me a vintage Pabst ad from the forties and, because it was so seemingly ridiculous, it made me wonder how these advertisements (and alcohol marketing as a whole) had evolved over the years. I’ve included some advertisements from the last century, as well as my commentary on what I believe the marketing approach was at that time so that we all can enjoy the evolution of this beloved brand.

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Craft Beer Festival’s Second Round (Hungarian BEER!)

A beer connoisseur checks the head and colour on some brew at the inaugural Craft Beer Festival this spring.
By 2010, Hungarian beer was almost a thing of the past, while 90 per cent of Hungarian beer-drinkers did not even know what they were missing. We – beer-bloggers, journalists, craft-brewers – were determined to turn around the disreputable image of beer in Hungary, with the ultimate selfish goal of making good, real beer widely available. So we organised Fõzdefeszt – the first Hungarian Craft Beer Festival – in May.

What beer drinkers want

After the spectacular success of that first festival, the hidden popular interest in Hungarian craft beer became evident. Something like a beer revolution is under way: in one season half a dozen quality beer festivals sprung up, new breweries were founded and more than 20 new brews were born to meet the demands outlined from our spring festival.
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Beer Profile: Certified Evil

Profiled by Ken Carman for Professor Goodales

Certified Evil
Lucky Bucket
La Vista, Nebraska
Belgian Strong?

From their website…

“Certified Evil is the result of a 2008 collaboration project with
Todd Ashman of Fifty Fifty Brewing in Truckee, California and Matt Van
Wyk of Oakshire Brewing in Eugene, Oregon. Each brewer set out to
create a dark Belgian strong ale with their own unique spin on the
style. Since the first collaboration, six new breweries have been
added to the project to invent a truly unique beer. This beer is
properly named Certified Evil.

The new Certified Evil recipe is more complex and interesting than the
brew from 2008. This new beer blends Certified Evil aged in Cabernet
barrels for one year with a younger batch of oaked aged Certified
Evil. The combination makes for a vibrant yet smooth and elegant
taste. The recipe also includes a wide variety of complex sugars
including turbinado sugar, molasses and honey. The result is an
amazingly complex beer. Truly a must try to any craft beer lover.”



More alcohol.
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Prescription Beer

Written by Bryce Eddings for

Did you know that certain doctors in certain hospitals sometimes prescribe beer for certain patients under certain circumstances? Apparently, they do.

I don’t know why I find this surprising but, I do. Perhaps it’s because I’ve just never come across it personally. Perhaps it’s because I was raised in the US where we can be a little puritanical about all things alcohol. The appearance of a can of beer on a hospital tray would just seem out of place.
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