First annual Maine Beer Week Celebrates Local Breweries and Businesses

Photo by Chelsea Ellis, The Free Press. Pamola Xtra Pale Ale cans prepare to be filled with Baxter Brewing Companies signature brew. Baxter, along with 26 other Maine brewers will be participating in the first annual Maine Beer week Nov.10-17 in Portland.

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Tinny, watery, bitter and hard to swallow are just a few ways some might describe the taste of America’s most recognized beer brands. America turned into a lager-loving country in the 1970s as high-profile marketing campaigns depicted rugged, stereotypically masculine men bearing a striking resemblance to the iconic Marlboro Man commercials; but instead of cigarettes, they enjoyed less-than-stellar brews.

The desire for more flavor, however, left some Americans searching for something above the average cold one. In the early 1980s, the demand for a better beer led to the opening of half a dozen American microbreweries in 1982 alone. The craft beer revival had begun, bringing homebrewing skill and technique back to local breweries across the nation. Craft brewing flourished in Maine, inspired by breweries in both New York and Massachusetts, and the state’s penchant towards local business development that includes Portland’s recent “Buy Local” initiative.
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