Craft Beer Lovers Say Cheers to New Bill

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North Carolina, once a craft beer wasteland, has become one of the country’s most exciting states for good brews. Dozens of innovative breweries have popped up from the coast to Asheville, complementing a solid roster of fine brewers.

The growth began in 2005, when N.C. legislators passed a law allowing for higher content alcohol in beer sold here. Now, lawmakers have passed a smaller but important bill that allows breweries, regardless of size, to offer tastings and sell beer on site – even beers produced outside the state.

The measure would help North Carolina’s craft brewing industry flourish even more, not only by promoting interest in craft beer, but also by giving brewers another revenue stream. The change also could prompt larger west coast brewers to open east coast operations and bring jobs here.
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Ye Olde Scribe Beer Links to Oblivion

“Because getting obliterated and reaching oblivion have a lot in common, or at least the first two letters…”

Ever wonder what some of the more nasty terms related to beerdom are? Just click on the link after the quote to get your answer!

“The ‘victim’ awakens and spends the first few minutes in a daze, trying desperately to remember where they were last night, when they came back, who they came back with and how they managed to take their jeans off and climb into bed the wrong way round without taking their shoes off. The ‘victim’ then becomes aware of the irresistible urge to empty their bowels. This process is known as the…”